Several misunderstandings of novices in shaving?

Many shaving novices have many misunderstandings , which makes them hate using manual razors. Let me answer the misunderstandings of shaving novices when using razors:

1 when installing the blade, put your hand against the blade edge

Many novice shavers don’t know where the blade edge is when shaving. Holding their hands on the blade edge and installing the blade can easily scratch their hands. Bailli blade is divided into two cutting edges and two hand holding edges, as shown in the figure below: 1 and 2 cutting edges are sharp cutting edges, and 3 and 4 are slightly blunt hand holding edges


When replacing the blade, we should first unscrew the blade head, hold the handgrip (3, 4), gently place the blade on the blade head, and then tighten the blade head to start shaving.


2 Do you think water can completely replace shaving care products?

Warm water can soften the beard and open the skin pores, but the adhesion and lubricity of water are not strong, and it is still easy to be injured during shaving. What if there is no shaving care product at home and you are in a hurry to go out? Foam Rich Cleansing Cream, soap and lotion can replace shaving care products to some extent. Especially for some sensitive skin populations, their skin is thin, so they can choose anti allergic cleansing products or lotion instead of shaving foam, which can reduce the probability of skin allergy.


3 unskilled shaving techniques

After skincare and fully softening the beard, shave along the growth direction of the beard, so as to avoid the damage of the razor blade to the skin to the greatest extent. At the same time, shave gently and tighten the skin to ensure smooth skin in the shaving area. The correct shaving direction is shown in the figure below:


4 place the shaver at will after wet shaving

Many people put the razor directly on the wet washing table after shaving. At this time, the blade is not disassembled, which is easy to cause the blade and razor to rust and breed bacteria, resulting in irreversible consequences. The correct treatment method is to remove the blade first, and wash the head and handle together. After washing, place the razor on the razor support, place it in a ventilated place, and wait for the razor to dry naturally.


5 do not know how to deal with bleeding after shaving

After the skin is scratched and bleeding, stop bleeding quickly. You can compress the wound, use sterile gauze, and pay attention to disinfection. You can use disinfectant, such as iodophor. If the amount of bleeding is small, you can expose the wound, let it dry and scab naturally, and do not touch water to avoid infection. If the wound is deep, you need anti-inflammatory treatment and aseptic bandage, Don’t eat spicy food.


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