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Product Journey

2002 Baili first razor “twin blade fixed head
razor” launched, which officially started the
men's grooming exploration journey.


2004 "Newvtor twin blade razor" launched, which has further deepen the structure of razor product system.


2006 Baili First double edge safety razor
“Super Blue Double edge razor” launched,
which established the two core product
patterns:safety razor & system razor.


2007 Baili double edge safety razor---“DB131
double edge safety razor” launched, which
remarked the research and development of
double-edge razors a new breakthrough.


2008 First launched shaving care
products - shaving foam, shaving
soap products, began to focus on
men's complete shaving experience.


In 2010, the portable 2 blades razor was launched, which entered the category of disposable razors, and further enriched the product system..


2013 Baili“Barise first generation "Barise ladies razor” launched, Layed out the female market.


2014 Five progressive system razor “Regal 5-layer blades razor” launched, optimized and upgraded the shaving experience: the closeness of the blade head and the smoothness of the blade.


In 2015, Baili butterfly safety razor— “Baili 179” launched, which has gained overseas men's grooming and wet shaving circle wide reputation.


2016 Baili first-generation of safety sealing head shield double edge safety razor---“Baili 191, Baili 176 double edge safety razors” launched, which are with "Baili 131" "Baili191" detonated the overseas sales market,which is called "Baili first-generation four heroes" during its innitial overseas development period.


In 2017, the second-generation safety sealing head shield double edge safety razor, especially developed for Chinese people - "Elegant" is launched, which is committed to lowering the entry threshold for Chinese men's traditional shaving, and enjoying the fun of shaving.


2018 Double edge safety razor with wooden handle - "classic", pure natural sandalwood handle opens the way to explore oriental aesthetics.


2020 “Rejoy 5-layer blades razor” launched, which provided strong support for building a benchmark brand in the domestic manual razor industry.


2021 “The first Stepless Adjustable Butterfly Safety Razor” launched; the design of adjustable aggressiveness brings a brand-new idea of razor experience to the razor industry.


2022 The first open comb double edge safety razor-- "Big Beard" launched, which lead the new wave of traditional razors


2023 "Baili Xujinhuan" razor is launched, exploring the fusion of oriental aesthetics and traditional razor aesthetics.
"Baili lady razors" cat paw razor, pocket eyebrow razor and other product lines aiming at the cutting-edge female market.