About Shaving

Q1:What are the general steps in shaving?

A2:1.Cleaning:Wash face with facial cleanser, especially U area.

2.Softening:Rough and hard beard should be soften with hot towel for a moment then spread with shaving foam
or cream.

3.Shaving:Tension the skin of shave area, and shaving along with the beard growth direction and then go reversely.

4.Washing:Clean face with pure water, to make sure the pores to shrink.

5.Moisturizing:Moisturizing with skin care products to prevent bacterial invasion.

Q2:What should I pay attention to when shaving?

A2:1. Do not touch the blades'edge directly, may cause hurt.

2. Do not be too hard, keep close to the skin when shaving.

3. Do not shave on dry face, moist the skin first.

4. Only for shaving, don't suggest use in other purpose.

5. If accidentally scratch, rinse with clean water immediately, dry and press the bleeding,stick a band-aid to avoid infection. Wound on skin will be recovered within a few days. If severe symptoms need medi cal treatment.

Q3:Any friendly tips for beginners?

A3:Yep.1.Shave before bath is not advised, may cause irritation and uncomfortable to skin.

2.Do not shave before sports, sweat may cause infected.

3.Do not share razor and blade with others, may transmission of diseases.

4.Relax when shaving, avoid to scratch the outer layer of skin.

5.Do not use too old or rust blade, change the blades when it isn't sharp.

6.Do not shave on dry skin, keep wet and soften beardand use shave foam.