“Enjoy Shaving ,
Return to Self"
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Baili Story

The modern city pace is getting faster, which made Men's shaving time shorter and quickly, to become "must-do chores" shaving ways finally. A man shaves tens of thousands of times in his life, but most people have never had a "smooth as smooth as a baby's bottom" shave experience. Mr. Huang Zhijian, the founder of Baili, is committed to letting consumers re-examine the fun of wet shaving, and let the world enjoy shaving.
Its product strength and carrying philosophy have formed Baili c omplete life. Baili not only makes products, but also brings "enjoy shaving and return to self" concept to consumers. Bailey's razor—practical and sensual coexist in consumers’ busy life, and jointly finds the physical, mental decompression and resonance beyond the shaving.

Investing in the future

Sustainable future

Investing in the future: Baili encourages more sophisticated quality and well-thought-out designs, prolongs the life cycle of products as much as possible, maximizes the products’ usage in consumers' lives, encourages consumers to cherish every product, and slows down the discarding speed.

Sustainable future: In recent years, Baili has continued to discuss the permanent proposition of "sustainability with everything". The PLA product series made of 100% degradable raw materials, and the patented product series conducive to blade recycling... are our spread sustainable development window, we look forward to more consumers joining us, advocating a sustainable lifestyle, and thinking more about, taking more active steps towards environmental protection.


Product line upgrades

Meeting demands of diversified consumers

While focusing on the product itself, Baili is also deploying the upgrade of the product line in advance, actively developing upstream and downstream products of the shaving process, deriving from shaving products to pre-shave products and after-shave products, and is committed to providing consumers with one-step worry-free solution.

Baili always embraces changes and is committed to meeting the personalized demands of diversified consumers. The product line has expanded to the women's shaving. In future, Baili will continue to strengthen its product offensive, promote product line upgrades, and explore new market segments.

Looking into the future
We will continue to promote the renaissance, inheritance and awakening of shaving culture, interpret shaving from a new perspective, and let the world enjoy shaving. Let consumers discover the purity and nature, beauty and fun in life through the wonderful journey of shaving every day.
Let's together with Baili to explore new shaving experience