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Cat Paw Wide Area Aloe Vera Strip Women’s Triple Blade

Model: DT43
Triple Blade
Wide Area Aloe Vera Strip
Women's Razor

DT21 Clean Easily 2 Blade Razors Twin Blade

Cyan Blue
Model: DT21
Aloe Vera Strip
Twin Blade
One Click Clean

Six Blade Razor Refill System Razor with 6 Blades

Model: WGJ451
Aloe Vera Strip
Razor with 6 Blades
Men's Razor

Pink Shaving for Women Smooth 5-layer Blades

Model: WGJ448B
5-layer Blades
360° Aloe Vera Strip
Enhance Your Shaving Game: Premium Safety Razor Blades Manufacturer

Baili China focuses on providing transformative razor solution to its users. Say farewell to conventional disposables and embrace the cutting-edge shaving razor with our premium double edge safety razor blades. Elevate your offerings with products of unparalleled quality.

What you get:

Unparalleled Sharpness: Forget cartridge dullness. Our stainless steel razor blades deliver a consistently smooth, irritation-free shave for your customers. Choose from  the exclusive range like DT42 New Hedonic 3 Razor Blades M3, Regal DT35 Imported 3 Blade and more.

Eco-conscious Choice: Reduce plastic waste and embrace sustainability with these replaceable blades, such as Aloe Vera Strip razor, Rejoy Double Lubrication Fits etc. Your customers will love the planet-friendly option.

Exceptional Value: Double the edge, double the value! These double edge shaving blades offer significant savings compared to cartridge razors, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more.

Wide Selection: Cater to every preference with our diverse range of double edge safety razor blades for your anytime need. Also, check out our Blade Disposal Tin Box and Portable Container Razor Blade Box for proper storage.

More than just blades: Ready to make the switch?

We're your one-stop shop for all things shaving. Explore our collection of shaving razor blade, shaving metal base, zinc alloy shaving stand, retro wooden brushes to complete the shaving experience for your customers.

Join the growing community of retailers and hairdressers and stylists who trust Baili China for their wholesale razor blade needs. Contact us today for competitive pricing and personalized service.

Let's redefine shaving, together.

Embrace the Precision of Replaceable Razor Blades

Tired of overpriced, plastic cartridges that dull after a single shave? Looking for a smoother, closer cut that doesn't leave your wallet feeling lighter? Welcome to the revolution of replacement razor blades – where sharpness reigns supreme and sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's a way of life.

Ditch the Disposable, Buy the Double Edge Shaver:

Say hello to the DE razor blades, the timeless champion of shaving. Forged from high-quality stainless steel razor blades, these double-edge wonders offer unparalleled sharpness and control over your shave. Unlike their cartridge counterparts, which dull quickly and contribute to plastic waste, DE razor blades deliver a smooth, irritation-free shave that lasts. You'll experience an entirely new level of precision and efficiency, with each stroke revealing the power of a truly sharp blade.

Why Double the Edge, Double the Value?

Forget the "more blades, better shave" myth. The secret lies in the single, exposed edge of a DE blade. It provides direct contact with your hair, resulting in a cleaner cut and minimizing the risk of bumps and ingrown hairs. Plus, with multiple shaving surfaces on each blade (two edges!), you get twice the value compared to cartridges in double edge shaving blades. Simply flip the blade after it dulls, effectively doubling your shave count and slashing your spending.

From Novice to Shaving Maestro:

Whether you're a seasoned shaving veteran or a curious newcomer, there's a perfect DE blade out there for you. Explore our curated selection:

  • For the Classics: Experience the crisp shave of Double edge safety razor, like 176 Victory Double Edge Safety, Long Handle Double Edge etc., renowned for their exceptional sharpness and Japanese precision.
  • For the Sensitive Souls: Gentle on skin but tough on stubble, Matt Gold Waist Double Edge blades offer a smooth glide with minimal irritation.
  • For the Budget-Conscious: Get unbeatable value with Classic Double Edge Safety razor, delivering reliable performance at an affordable price.
  • For the Eco-Warriors: Embrace sustainability with Eco-friendly Disposable razor, made from recycled materials and packaged in biodegradable cardboard.
  • Beyond the Blade: Building Your Shaving Sanctuary. Your journey to shave nirvana doesn't stop with the blade. Discover a world of essential tools to elevate your experience.
  • Safety Razors: Explore the sleek designs of Upgrade head Butterfly Open razor and the vintage charm of Tale Classic Elegant Double Edge safety razor, or choose a modern marvel like the Open Comb Double Edge Safety razor. Find the perfect fit for your hand and shaving style.
  • Shaving Stand and Base: Ditch the chemical-laden foams and experience the rich lather of handcrafted shaving soaps and creams. Let natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter nourish your skin while providing optimal glide.
  • Brushes for Perfect Lather: Whip up a luxurious lather with a badger-hair brush for ultimate exfoliation, or opt for a synthetic brush for sensitive skin. The perfect lather not only enhances the shave but also preps your skin for a closer cut.

Unlock Bulk Savings: Your Solution to High-Quality Razor Blades

Welcome to Baili China, your ultimate source for premium safety and double-edge razor blades! We cater to both brand distributors and custom customers seeking exceptional quality in bulk.

This website serves as your one-stop shop to explore our extensive product range and initiate larger partnerships. For orders exceeding 3,000-5,000 pieces, be prepared to unlock special pricing and dedicated support.

Looking for smaller quantities (100-200 pieces)? While online ordering is currently unavailable for these amounts, we encourage you to contact us directly for personalized attention and exclusive low-price offers. Our team will be happy to discuss your specific needs and customize solutions for smaller orders.

Benefits of Bulk Orders:

  • Exclusive Pricing: Enjoy significant discounts on bulk orders such as razor 5 blades, or on other razor products maximizing your value and ROI.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Get personalized support and expert guidance from a dedicated account manager throughout your order process.
  • Custom Branding and Packaging: Discuss custom branding and packaging options to elevate your brand presence and customer experience.
  • Priority Production and Delivery: Secure faster production and delivery times for larger orders, ensuring timely fulfilment.

Ready to build a successful partnership? Contact us today! We're excited to discuss your business needs and provide tailored solutions for your replacement razor blades or safety razor blade requirements.


Visit our website today and experience the difference!