Different beard modeling types (2)

In the part 2,i will introduce you  some personalized beard modeling.

1 goatee

The goatee is famous for its goat like hair. The standard goatee grows on the chin to form a small cluster of neat pointed or tufted whiskers. Compared with the whisker, the goatee is to Shave ​the beard in other areas, leaving only a pinch of the chin, visually increasing the number of hair and the length of the face, making the face look more slender.

2 sparrow

The Beard modeling comes from the classic film Pirates of the Caribbean, in which the unique shape of the character Jack Sparrow impressed the audience. The beard shape is like an adaptation of a goatee. The beard is divided into two groups with brightly colored buttons, like a double ponytail. The beard shape is difficult for men to take care of, especially braiding, which is definitely not easy for men. The beard has distinct personality and is suitable for men with conspicuous personality.

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

3 O-shaped beard

The O-shaped beard grows around the lips, from the upper lip to the chin. O-shaped beard gives a mature taste and can correct the childish image. But you can’t trim it too wide, otherwise it will give people a sloppy image

Brad Pitt


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