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Distribution or Exclusive Agent Cooperation Process

Requirements for Distribution/Exclusive
Agent cooperation

1. Legal and honest business operation
2. Have a fixed office
3. Have a professional marketing
team (≥3 people)
4. Have a professional customer service
team (≥3 people)
5. Annual sales:
Exclusive agent: ≥$300,000
Distribution agent: ≥$100,000

Applying agent's background investigation

1. The applicant company fills in the
cooperative enterprise application form
2. Investigate the applicant/enterprise's
office space and marketing outlets
(or provide photos/videos)
3. Investigate the applicant's team
structure/company, especially the
marketing team and customer service team

Cooperation terms confirmation : Such
as sales amount and tim

1. Determine the agency sales amount
or purchase amount of the applicant/
2. Determine the agency cooperation
terms (time, area, conditions, etc.)
3. The applicant/enterprise puts forward
business support needs to the company,
and the company tries its best to meet

Determine the type of cooperative agent
and sign the agreement

1. Officially sign an exclusive/distribution
2. Power of Attorney, Authorization
3. Provide official information: brand/
4. Regional policy
5. Priority service plan

Cooperation track & service

1. Continuously track the operation
status of exclusive/distribution agents
2. Continuously optimize service details
and serve customers
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