How to dispose of used razor blades?

Due to the increasingly serious environmental problems, garbage classification can maximize the utilization of garbage resources, reduce the amount of garbage disposal, and improve the quality of living environment.But there are a lot of special garbage, and many people don’t know how to deal with it properly, such as razor blades.

In a beautiful morning, in the choice of razor, some people will choose an electric razor in order to sleep a few more minutes, and some people will spend a long time to create a perfect modeling for themselves with a manual razor.

a men  is shaving

Many people think that the manual shaver retains the sense of ritual that should be possessed by shaving, which is one of the enjoyment of men, and some people think that manual shave is cleaner.

In the use of a manual razor, since the sharpness of the blade will decrease with the number of times of use, we must replace the blade in time to avoid scratching the skin with improper force. What should I do with the replaced blade? Many people will have this question. Discarded blades are one of the most difficult garbage to dispose of. Blades that have been used several times are still extremely sharp and can easily cause harm to garbage disposal personnel. Baili razor blades are made of imported stainless steel, which is one of the five recyclable metals. Stainless steel can be 100% recycled, and 82% of the recycled steel scrap is reused. Since the razor blades are very sharp, we should properly collect and wrap the discarded razor blades, and note “razor blades” on the package.

razor blade


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