How To Maintain Your Beard

Beards are easily the most popular male fashion accessory of 2018 and have been for years now. Gone are the days where guys walked around with baby smooth chins and pulled all the ladies; now it’s all about the beard. And honestly, that’s great news! Regardless of what type of facial hair you’re sporting, it’s still important to take care of it. You don’t let the grass on your lawn grow wild and stay unkempt do you? Well, the same logic applies to your beard.

Patience is Key

It can be tempting to begin the grooming cycle as soon as you start growing your beard. Resist the dark side, young padawan; epic beards await those who show restraint. Allow your beard to grow for 4-6 weeks before you touch it. This way all of the hairs will grow in evenly and it gives you time to find a style that suits both you and your facial shape.

Pick a Flattering Style

Remember that time your girlfriend bleached her hair and it looked really bad but you didn’t say anything out of the kindness of your hair? Yeah, picking the wrong beard style for your face can leave you looking like a hot mess. Here’s a quick guide:

Square Jaw– Shorter sides and fuller chin hair fits this facial shape well. It accents your jaw without making it appear too long.

Round Face– Longer hair on the bottom with shorter sides will suit you. Shaping the chin hairs in a triangle will make your face appear less full/round.

Rectangular or Oblong Face– Sides should be fuller while the bottom remains short. Squaring the hair on your chin will also compliment this cut.

Oval Face– Lucky you! Almost every beard shape suits this facial shape.

When and How to Trim Beard

Regardless of what style you pick, and yes that even includes the Zach Galifianakis look, you still need to prune the hedges. Grooming your beard not only keeps in the shape and style you’re interested in, but it also promotes hair growth and evenness. While how often you trim depends on how fast your hair grows and the desired beard shape/style, how you trim it depends on the style.

Regardless of what length you pick, make sure to wash and dry your face before using safety razor. Wet hairs tend to stick to the skin and can easily get missed (or yanked out) when using safety razor.

Tools of the Trade

For the best looking beard this side of the Wild West, we recommend shaving the bottom of your neck and the top of your beard with our clear Shaving Gel. If you’re looking for perfect alignment and evenness, it helps to be able to see the hairs you’re trimming away. Traditional creams and soaps hide the whiskers so you’re blindly shaving. Our gel goes on clear so there’s no need to guess where the hairs are. As an added bonus, our formula is also oil based so you’re guaranteed to get the smoothest, most comfortable shave possible.

It’s also recommended that you use a straight or safety razor for edging. The single blades allow you to trim away ONLY the hairs you want. The Pitch Black Straight Razor or EZ Blade Safety Razor will quickly become your best friend when you’re going for a precision cut.

Long Beard and Short Beard

The process is pretty much the same for both styles; you’ll really only adjust your clipper size. Remember to be patient; you don’t want to rush the process or skip steps. It might take several passes with the clippers before you reach the desired length and it could take a few grooming sessions to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Regardless of how tempting it might be to just walk off with an unruly beard or rush the grooming process, don’t. You’ll regret it! A sculpted, cared for beard is worth the time it takes and your girlfriend will thank you.

Comb it– Brushing isn’t just for your girlfriend’s long locks anymore! Brushing will help pull all the whiskers out of hiding making it easier to groom. Make sure to brush in one direction as you want an even cut.

Clippers– Knowing which guard to use will depend on how short/long you want your beard. We recommend starting with the biggest clip and gradually working your way down until you reach the desired length.

Fading– Like your chin, you’ll want to start with the biggest clip and gradually work your way down when it comes to the sides. However, you’ll want to start with a clip that’s two sizes lower than the one you used on your chin.

Don’t forget the mustache – Comb your hairs to the side first, trim to the desired length, then comb them over the lip and after removing the guard trim the hairs that hang over your lip.

Neck hair– When taking care of the hairs on your neck, measure about 1 inches up (roughly two fingers) from your Adam’s apple and fade the area. You’ll want to use a clipper size that is two settings lower than your beard. When trimming, picture a curved line that runs from ear to ear just under your chin. Shave just below this line for a smooth, tapered look.

Detailing-Use scissors to clean up any stray hairs on your chin and sides. Don’t take the clippers back to your beard for detail work; you’ll end up taking off more hairs than intended and you’ll wind up with a very uneven beard.

Moisturize– Use a beard oil and beard butter. This  will keep your hairs healthy, soft, and prevent your beard from getting dry. Plus they smell good and your girlfriend won’t be able to keep her hands off you!

Admire Your Work

Now it’s time to admire your work in the mirror before showing it off! Turn your hide from side to side as you stroke the perfectly groomed hairs and take in how badass your beard looks!

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