Feelings of living alone—Razor, best home decoration item!

I have the habit of doing home decoration once a week. After cleaning, after the toothbrush cups, skincare products, and towels are neatly arranged, I always feel that a corner is empty, as if something is missing. vase? I like flowers, but I always feel that flowers must live in the sun. Aromatherapy? Maybe it makes me feel like staying in a hotel, but when I travel a lot, I just want to feel at home

Finally, I found a razor set on AliExpress. I put it in the corner. It seemed to blend in with my marble table and fit unexpectedly. In fast-paced modern life, manual shaving is a cool thing. In a busy morning, few people can sacrifice sleep time to carefully sculpt their facial images. The exquisite electroplating finish is as smooth as marble, just like my home decoration, exquisite and full of taste.

home decoration

home decoration-razor

I am used to getting up early, washing my face with a towel soaked in warm water, to remove the tiredness of getting up in the morning, and then applying a thick layer of shaving foam to my face. BAILI WR-T3‘s innovative and practical adjustment knob design, the origin area is the comfort zone, the left adjustment is the soft zone, and the right adjustment is the sensitive zone, which can meet the needs of users with different types of beards. Different areas can enjoy different shaves. Shave fun. The exquisite electroplating finish shows the noble true color in the mirror, adding a touch of bright color to my home decoration.

home decoration


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