Why use vintage shaving items to wet-shave

For most of us already in the modern wet-shaving community, using double-edge (DE) or single-edge (SE) safety razor is a requirement. There are also those who prefer to turn back the clock even further and use a straight-edge razor. But why use vintage?

First, let’s talk about razors. Vintage razors offer something that today’s disposable razors can’t give: quality, craftsmanship,and a connection with the past. When you hold a hefty metal safety razor or fold open a vintage straight razor, there is no question that you are now in the driver’s seat to your shaving experience. These razors were made to last more than a lifetime, created out of heavy metals, plated in nickle or gold, or forged and shaped into existence. And besides the “cool” factor that comes with using vintage razors, using a single blade edge (as opposed to a multi-bladeshaving system) can help out dramatically with prevention of ingrown hairs, shaving irritation, and nicks.

baili double edge razor

Next comes the shaving brush. The pleasure of using a warm brush to build a comforting lather on your face is a far more enjoyable experience than smearing shaving gel out of a can across your beard. A great shaving brush allows the user to do three things: create a lather that is balanced in water/soap ratio, gently exfoliate the skin, and work the shaving lather into and around the hair follicles on your face. Most people notice an improved complexion and less irritation after incorporating a well-made badger, boar ,or synthetic brush into their shaving routine.

baili shaving brush

The last element in the wet-shaving process is a well-made shaving soap or cream. The differences are really a personal preference, so I suggest trying both. Either way you go, by creating your own lather you avoid the drying chemicals and propellants found in most canned shaving gel or foam. The lather created with your own brush and soap hydrates your skin and adds to the general benefits of wet-shaving for your beard and complexion.

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