Different beard types

As an indispensable fashion item for men, men’s beard is of great importance to men’s image charm. Due to the different growth rates of men’s facial regions, we usually shave our beard with razors and shaving care products, so as to modify the man’s beard shape and enhance our personal image charm.

As mentioned earlier, because everyone has different physical characteristics, everyone’s beard shape is different. Let’s list several common beard types for men for reference only:

1 upper lip beard

This kind of beard is mostly long at the upper and lower lips. It is one of the most basic beard shapes. Many men have this beard shape. But one thing to note is that for men with long and thin face, pay attention to extending the lips to both sides, which can play a horizontal stretching effect. Men with round face should shorten the width of whiskers, so as to form a longitudinal stretching effect, increase the three-dimensional feeling and modify the face shape.

a men with upper lip beard

2 whisker

The whisker grows on people’s temples, cheeks, lips and lower jaw, extending from the upper cheek to the chin, so it is called the whisker.The beard has strong visual impact. It is suitable for men with strong appearance. Due to the great amount of beard needed, it is generally men with strong hair who can store the whisker.Pay attention to the trimming of the beard on both temples. If you don’t pay attention, the beard on both sides will appear very bloated. Baili double edge razor series, the cutter head is equipped with a guide groove, which can well guide the direction of the beard, so as to help men beard shape better.

a men with whisker

3 stubble

Strictly speaking, stubble does not belong to the shape of beard. Many people prefer to regard stubble as unshaven shaving. In fact, leaving a thin layer of beard will make the face feel shaded, make the face look more three-dimensional and modify the shape of the face. But stubble should be diligent in repairing, otherwise it will give people the feeling of looking very sloppy.

a men with stubble

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