Data analysis of china cosmetology industry from 2016-2020

With the increase of subdivided fields in the cosmetology industry and the change of people’s consumption concept, cosmetology and skin care is no longer women’s patent. In recent years, China’s men’s willingness to consume cosmetology and skin care products has continued to improve, and there are also cosmetology products for men’s care in the market. In the future, the male cosmetology market will maintain a growth trend.

According to the data, from 12.45 billion in 2016 to 16.72 billion in 2020, the retail scale of male beauty in China continues to grow. It is estimated that the retail scale of male beauty in China will reach 17.8 billion yuan in 2021.

Data analysis of china cosmetology industry from 2016-2020

The rapid development of the industry is mainly affected by the following three factors:

(1) The development of men’s nursing industry has been supported by a large number of scientific experiments, driving the demand of products.

(2) The R & D technology of local men’s nursing enterprises has been continuously improved and gradually expanded, enriching the product categories of men’s nursing industry and expanding the market scale

(3) With the gradual improvement of relevant policies, the supervision of men’s nursing has become more and more perfect, the production, consumption and use processes have been guaranteed, and the development of the industry has been promoted

At present, the growth of male beauty industry is still relatively flat. For the activation of male cosmetology market, it is necessary to further popularize the concept of male image management and form a male nursing trend and culture.




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