What is wet shaving? (2)

In the last page, we learned something about wet shaving,this page i will explain you about wet Shaving process.

Part one, preparation. Preparing hot towels and shaving foam is the main task.Before wet shaving, it is important to ask about the shaving area and observe the guest’s skin condition. If the guest has a very luxuriant beard, he should first shorten his beard with electric scissors or scissors to see the skin condition .The first step is to clean your face. You can wipe it with facial cleanser or hot towel to wash the dust off your face and beard. After cleaning the face, you can start towel hot compress to let guests quickly enter a relaxed state.This is the difference between details, service concept and charges. Then there is a shaving foam. The essential oil must be a pre share oil for shaving. The correct way is barber to pour the essential oil on his hand, and then slowly massage his cheeks and chin to relax his muscles and soften his beard. At the same time, the fragrance of the essential oil will also make the guests feel comfortable. The effect of hot compress after essential oil is certainly better than direct hot compress, so many guests are sleepy in this round. The hot compress time can be longer, more than 3 minutes is better.

A man is doing facial

Part two,shaving.Shaving has two steps, forward shaving and reverse shaving,forward shaving is along the direction of hairgrowth,reverse shaving is the opposite.Adjust the contact angle between the blade and the skin according to different parts of the chin,after shaving,the barber will be shaped with beard wax.

A man is shaving

as the finish part ,most of the barber will give a massage as a perfect ending.


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