Why do men grow beards?

we won’t talk about beard for the time being,because there is hair at the root of the beard. So, how is hair formed?

Hair grows in every part of our body except the palms and soles of our feet. Hair is located in a follicle. There are about 5 million such follicle in the human body, so even if we don’t look very hairy, there are many follicle in our body. In fact, let’s provide some surprising information,our nose is the area have the most hair follicles behind our head.

Grow a beard, It began with prehistoric humans. Men grow beards not just because they didn’t have a razor. At least,Scientists research show that:

  • Cold: in a naked nature without global warming, winter is cruel and harsh. The cold slapped on the face , but thanks to the beard, it was possible to resist the cold a little.
  • Violence: in these primitive authoritative wars, the beard can not only keep out the cold: it also reduces the impact when face to attack. It can be said that the thick and long beard acts as a cushion between the fist and the face.
  • In the cultures of ancient India and Egypt, beard occupied a place as an indicator of social status and power, because it obtained a function completely from the perspective of life instinct. The Viking  was proud of their beard appearance and was also a tool to frighten the enemy. Of course, this situation was not limited to prehistoric times: throughout history, in many cultures, In different forms, the beard plays a role as an indicator in the social or political life of the male world.

Although some occupations still have restrictive regulations due to various regulations on hair and beard, beard or shaving is more like an option. So it looks more like maintaining my image than I will protect myself from the cold.

There are many studies on how beard plays a role in the male world as a personal choice and how the opposite sex views beard. Even if we are not going to discuss them, we can give several examples for comparison.

Not to mention, let’s take a look at the work of Barnaby Dixson and Markus J. Rantala in 2016: as a result of a study involving hundreds of women, women’s preference for men with beards has a clear advantage. However, every coin has two sides. Let’s look at a 1991 study by Michaels wogalter and Judith ahosie: the conclusion is that there is a view that shaved men are younger, more attractive and more sociable. Finally, let’s talk about another study that tested the idea of contextualizing these two opposite results: in the study of Zinnia Z. janif, Robert J. Brooks and Barnaby Dixson, if there is a picture of a man with a beard among many beardless men, women will choose the man with a beard. I saw it. This means that the beard is preferred as long as it is a unique element.


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