How to shave your face with multi-blade razors?

An easy-to-clean multi-blade razor head, which consists of 5 or more blades, reduces pressure during the shaving process and has a multi-blade effect in one action, effectively reducing back-shaving. Would you be tempted to use this multi-layer manual razor?

A manual razor gives a better and cleaner shave. People like manual razors because they are affordable, simple to use, and easy to clean. They make up over half of market sales.

As consumer habits change, we increasingly enjoy the pleasure and relaxation brought by shaving. Therefore, more and more consumers finally choose manual razors, and their status has also seen an obvious upward trend.

Multi-Blade razor’s features:

  • Improve shaving efficiency:

When you shave, a multi-blade razor shaves better and faster, giving you a cleaner shave in less time.

  • Smoother shaving experience:

The multi-layer razor’s blades stick to the skin better, allowing for a closer shave and a smoother shaving experience.

  • Reduce irritation and discomfort:

Because the blades of a multi-layer razor scrape across the skin more frequently and each blade cuts less forcefully, irritation and discomfort during shaving can be reduced.

  • Better skin care effect:

The manual razor can directly contact the skin and scrape away dead skin while shaving, providing a certain skin care effect.

  • Better comfort:

The design of multi-blade razors usually pay more attention to comfort. For example, the handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. You don’t need to use too much force on your wrist when shaving, which is exceedingly comfortable.

  • Cleanable and maintainable:

Multi-blade razors are more likely to clog during use and require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, many multi-layer shavers are equipped with an automatic cleaning function, which can easily clean the razor head and extend the blade’s service life.

It should be noted that everyone has different skin sensitivities and hair types, not everyone needs or is suitable for using a multi-blade manual razor. At the same time, you should also pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance of the shaver to ensure its normal use and extend its service life.

How to use a multi-blade razor?

1. Wash your hands and beard area to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

2. Soften the beard with warm water to open the pores and soften the beard, then apply shaving lotion on the beard to reduce skin irritation from the blade.

3. When shaving, shave from top to bottom in the direction of beard growth, generally start from the upper cheeks on both the left and right sides, starting from the sparsest part of the beard, and putting the thickest part at the end.

4. After shaving, rinse with warm water and pat dry gently. Avoid rubbing hard. You can use some mild skin care products to repair the skin and make the skin more tender and smoother.

A hot tip on how often to replace multi-blade manual razors:

Refill/blade replacement frequency

Thick beard 10 times/piece

Thin and soft beard 15 times/piece

So what features should you pay attention to when choosing a multi-blade system razor?

  • Look at the blade.

Multi-layered blades improve shaving efficiency. If it comes with a styling trimmer, it can help create different beard shapes and trim the details of the sideburns.

Equipped with an elastic induction blade system, it can sense the subtle fluctuations of facial skin, reducing the feeling of pulling, making the shave more smooth and thorough.

The pivoting structure will be more flexible during the shaving process and will fit the face better.

  • Look at the lubricating strip.

The lubricating strip provides timely lubrication and soothing. The strip contains aloe vera skin care ingredients and secretes lubricating fluid when exposed to water, making shaving smoother. All good quality shavers include a lubrication strip, and some have double lubrication strips.

The first lubricating strip is provided at the first end of the blade holder and at the front end of the outer frame of the blade holder. When shaving, the first lubricating strip is contacted before the skin contacts the blade. The lubricating strip releases lubricating liquid when it encounters water, which is beneficial for the skin. It plays the role of protection and moisturization, and is not easy to strain the skin; a second lubricating strip is provided at the second end of the outer frame of the blade holder and at the top of the blade set.

The second lubricating strip releases lubricating fluid upon exposure to water, further affecting the skin. It can protect and moisturize, eliminate the pain caused by repeated shaving, and improve the user experience.

  • Look at the handle.

The issue of razor handles being prone to slipping and the anti-skid pattern wearing out easily is common in many manual razors. An ergonomic razor handle is provided to solve the problem of anti-skid pattern wear and to improve the feel when holding, enhancing user experience, which is essential for a good product.A good handle, designed with slightly curved ergonomic principles and is matched with resin that has a high coefficient of friction, not only brings skin-friendly comfort to the user, but also makes it difficult to take off from the hand.

A good razor will give you a good shaving experience. A manual razor will give you a more detailed and skin-friendly shaving experience. A multi-layer manual razor will reduce shaving resistance and improve shaving comfort. For people with sensitive skin or thick beards , a multi-layer razor may be more suitable.

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