Razor recommendation(2)——Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor

Baili Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor is one of Baili’s best-selling products, and its sales volume has always been among the best. The superior quality and fashionable shape make this razor popular all the time.

Compared with ordinary razors, let me tell you why Baili Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor are popular.

Basic information:

Product No.: DB279

Product color: bright silver、rose gold、Agate black

Product size: 44×25.3×121.4mm

Product weight: 90.3g

Material: environmental protection zinc alloy

Logo process: Baili (radium carving can be customized)

Packaging information:

Function introduction:

Safety upgrade: the upgraded fully enclosed cutter head is equipped with protective devices at the four corners of the blade and widened at both ends to prevent the blade from scratching the skin and provide all-round safety protection.

Experience improvement: the new guide comb design reduces beard pulling, effectively improves shaving effect and smoothes shaving process.

Unique shape: classic design, classic reproduction, one-piece release button key opening and closing, beautiful; The handle is easier to grasp and control. It feels great and everything is under control.

Patent Innovation: with the innovative design of the tool holder, the product has obtained the national patent.

Exquisite gift box: exquisite gift box packaging is Perfect for gifting

With 19 years of experience in razor production, Baili constantly strives to develop the most pure razor products in the world, and adheres to the business philosophy and enterprise spirit of “get Baili get perfect”. If you are interested in our products, please contact us:  we will provide you with free samples, you only need to pay the freight.

What Sets Our Double Edge Safety Razors Stand Apart?

Our double-blade razor might look vintage, but it has elements of modern design in it. Here’s a look at some of its unique characteristics:

* Our safety razor with double edge has a comb along with the blades. This ensures you get a closer shave at all times.

* The enclosed razor head prevents cuts, which makes our double edge razor blades ideal for beginners.

* It has a textured handle that provides a better grip in wet conditions.

* Blade replacement is easy as quick. You just need to twist the bottom to open the razor.

* All double edge razor blades are made from eco-friendly alloy material.

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