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Why should pay more attention to shaving in spring?

With the arrival of spring, the spring-filled rainy days are approaching step by step, and the air is always filled with high-intensity moisture. Our skin and beards are also prone to small emotions.

In early spring, the temperature changes, and the skin’s resistance weakens. It is easily stimulated by the external environment, causing problems such as dryness, redness, stinging, breakouts, and local oiliness.

Increased humidity can cause your beard to become softer, while warmer climates can increase your skin’s oil production.

Gentlemen, facing the compulsory course of shaving every morning, skin problems caused by friction between the razor blade and the skin.

How to respond?

Targeting different skin types, Baili Research Institute has established a “Shaving Manual for Stylish Men of Various Skin Types” to help all stylish men better understand their skin types and choose the right shaving tools for their skin types.

Shaving Manual for Stylish Men for All Skin Types

Sensitive Skin

Main features: Sensitive skin, prone to redness or breakouts, skin prone to irritation from shaving

When the skin is stimulated by external stimuli, it is easy to become tight, stinging, itchy and red. When shaving, you don’t want to make your already sensitive face worse. It is best to reduce the frequency of shaving back and forth on your face. If shaving can be efficient and less harmful to the skin, it will be great!

Here recommended Baii “Big Beard Pro” – New Open Closed Comb Best Stainless Steel Safety Razor.

Although overall it is still an entry-level knife for beginners, but upgrade compared to the previous generation. Shaving efficiency has been improved to a certain extent. Upgraded safety guard razor head with thicker positioning pillars for precise blade alignment, ensuring an even and comfortable shave. Stainless steel is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, and using an all-stainless steel shaver is also in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Open comb design, less irritation when shaving across cheeks, while ensuring efficiency and cleanness of shave. More gentle and comfortable to use. Friendly to sensitive skin.

Oily Skin

Main features: The face has strong oil secretion, enlarged pores, and thick cuticle. Shaving may easily cause ingrown hairs, redness, and swelling.

As the temperature rises, facial oil secretion increases. If your beard grows quickly, acne will easily appear on your face. If your beard is unkempt, your appearance will plummet.

Here recommended Baii “Poseidon” is friendly to oily skin – Poseidon Aggressive Weighty Double Edge Safety Razor.

For oily skin with relatively thick stratum corneum, proper razor head efficiency parameter setting. Effectively reduce the number of times the blade needs to be shaved repeatedly on the face. Reduce skin irritation, also gives you a clean and refreshing face. Aggressive safety razor, sharp shave with the right feel.

Dry Skin

Main features: Skin that is dry during seasonal changes, prone to peeling, and has a thin cuticle that is prone to itching after shaving.

Dry skin is prone to scratches and bleeding due to dryness and peeling during shaving. People often feel stinging and itchy skin after shaving. That’s because your skin has been torn!

Here recommended Baii – Stainless Steel Long Handle Butterfly Safety Razor

Gentle new razor, anti-scratch safety shield completely covers both sides of the cutter head, and the four corners of the cutting edge are fully covered.

Beginner-friendly and gentle scratching sensation. The micro-comb design razor head, precision guide comb design and keep up the perfect shave.

Don’t be a messy or untidy man this spring. Let’s pay more attention to grooming. Keep your face clean and sharp – let’s embrace the fresh season with a fresh look!

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