What is wet shaving? (1)

In short, wet shaving is use a traditional straight razor to remove excess facial hair for guests. It uses a traditional old straight razor.

Straight razor has two shapes, one is folded and the other is short handle.

Straight razor is divided into traditional style and replaceable tool style. The traditional is the most common and best-looking traditional straight razor, the handle is made of various materials. In fact, in terms of the scope of use, the replaceable blade razor  will be more popular with barber. First, it is easy to use and doesn’t need to sharpen the blade, Second, a good blade is sharper than many traditional razor blade with ordinary technology. Third, it is disposable, clean and hygienic.

Wet shaving requires hot towels and shaving brushes and shaving foam. Both are designed to soothe facial skin and soften beard.

The hot towel is taken out from steamers. When it is taken out, the temperature is high. Barber will quickly dissipate heat by squeezing out the water, unfolding the towel in the air and waving it slightly, so that the towel can be quickly cooled to the temperature that can be placed on the face.

Hot towels are generally not too thick, which is convenient to absorb and lock water. Towels that can’t lock water lose heat quickly, and the softening and soothing effect is not good.

Shaving foam with hand shaving is evenly applied to the triangle area with shaving brush, including the region around the cheek, around the lip, and chin and neck. You need to massage the skin to help the foam penetrate into the roots.

Now the shaving brush has also risen to the height of handicrafts. The handles of various modeling materials and  badger hair make many men like to buy home as furnishings.

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