Razor recommendation(5)——BAILI “Regal” 5 blade razor

Shaving has become a part of our daily routine and it can be quite bothersome if you don’t have the right shaving materials. A good-quality razor can improve the overall experience significantly and give you a much closer shave. BAILI “Regal” 5 blade razor provide a enjoyable experience under its humanistic design and usage.

 “Regal” 5 blade razor Basic information:

Article No.: BT501

Product color: Bright silver, pearl silver, rose gold,Agate black, streamer black, sapphire blue

Product size: 19*18.4*150mm

Product weight: 54.5g (including cutter head)

Handle material: environmental protection zinc alloy + ABS + TPE

Blade material: ASR blade imported from the United States

Logo process: Baili (screen printing can be customized)

Function introduction:

Innovative design:built-in fine sideburns trimming knife, more convenient modeling;the top of the knife head is equipped with a modeling finishing knife, which is convenient for refining the hair of sideburns and easy to create a gentleman’s shape; More unique cleaning holes, cleaning easier.

The enhanced lubricating strip is smoother: the skin care lubricating strip rich in moisturizing ingredients can reduce irritation, effectively protect and moisturize the skin, and make the shaving process feel smooth and comfortable.

The five-layer ultra-thin blade is cleaner and more comfortable: the blade edge has a unique platinum coating, which is extremely sharp and durable. The five-layer blade can reduce repeated shaving actions, make the skin feel super smooth and comfortable, and make the shaving effect faster and cleaner.

The effect of the upgraded guide induction fin is more obvious: the front end of the blade is equipped with a soft and elastic guide induction fin, which can lift the fibrous root in advance and guide effectively, making shaving more close to the face and more comfortable.

The precise beard guiding design improves the shaving effect: the beard guiding design is added at the front end of the cutting edge, which can dredge the beard in advance, so that it is easier for the beard to shave orderly, reduce pulling, and make the shaving process smoother.

Ergonomic handle control freely: TPE soft anti-skid material and ergonomic design are used to better grasp and control everything in the shaving process!

One key replacement of cutter head is easier: the unique one key replacement function of cutter head connector makes it easier and more convenient to replace cutter head.

Automatic face fitting cutter head: the cutter head is equipped with automatic rotation function, which can be guided close to the face contour curve and rotate automatically during shaving, so as to achieve the best shaving angle, make shaving safer and more comfortable, and truly experience the perfect shaving feeling!

With 19 years of experience in razor production, Baili constantly strives to develop the most pure razor products in the world, and adheres to the business philosophy and enterprise spirit of “get Baili get perfect”. If you are interested in our products, please contact us:  we will provide you with free samples, you only need to pay the freight.

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