FAQ of manual razor

Frequently Asked Questions of razor

Novices will encounter many problems of razor when their first using.Let me answer some frequently asked questions!

1.Questions of  razor:which is the more efficient choice between electric and manual razors?

Many people feel that manual razors need a series of steps, such as washing their faces, foaming and softening their moustache, and so on. But according to my practical experience, manual shaving is more efficient than electric shaving, because I can shave in the process of daily skin care. Baili shaving cream can soften the beard while caring for the skin, achieve good shaving effect, and complete skin care and shaving at the same time in a short time.

In addition, the beard cross section of the manual razor is smooth and simple, and the residual stubble length is shorter than that of the electric razor. Shaving once manually is equivalent to electric shaving twice. After the manual razor is skilled, the shaving efficiency will be significantly improved. You can wash your face and shave in a few minutes in the morning.

2.Question of razor:does the post maintenance of manual shaver only need to replace the Razor blade cartridge?

yes. As far as my personal experience is concerned, generally one Razor blade cartridge can be used for 3-4 months, with an average of 4 Razor blade cartridge replaced every year. The maintenance cost is not high after one year. At the same time, the frequency of replacing the Razor blade cartridge can well ensure my razor experience.


3.Question of razor:how to use a manual razor correctly?

  1. First, wash the beard and surrounding skin.
  2. Evenly apply shaving cream to the parts to be shaved, and fully soften the beard.
  3. Shave in order to minimize repeated shaving.
  4. Wash the face and razor.


In fact, the steps of shaving are very simple. Practice makes perfect. Friends who have not tried manual shaving can really try! Anyway, I  fall in love when I first used it, and I can’t shave without it

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