How do supplier inspect/QC a new razor for issues?

When you purchase a new razor, whether it’s a safety razor, shaving razor or disposable razor, inspecting the product for any potential issues is crucial for both safety and performance. Good suppliers will conduct professional quality inspections and tests on their products so that customers can trust our high quality before selling the products. Next, let’s learn Baili Razor supplier how to check a new razor?

Step1, inspect the appearance of the razor

Conduct first visual inspection on all sides of the razor.

Side A: The side that is visible at first sight when the razor is used normally;

Side B: The side that is not easily visible during normal use, such as the back, sides, etc.;

Side C: Use invisible surfaces such as the bottom;

Baili will use a specific light source: 700-1000 lumens; a specific angle: the razor detection surface is 45° to the horizontal plane, and rotate 15° up, down, left, and right. Equipped inspection personnel: visual acuity 1.0 or above. Under these, the appearance of the product is inspected to find out if there are any products that do not meet Baili’s requirements, such as scratches and damage. Look for any signs of rust, tarnishing, or discoloration that could indicate poor storage or manufacturing defects.

Step 2, check the size of the razor

Use calipers or rulers to measure whether the size of the razor matches the drawing requirements. Unqualified products will be sorted immediately.

Step 3, test the function of the razor

Manual safety double edge razor are mainly divided into 2 parts:

  1. Starting from the uniformity of shaving feel, Baili will visually inspect the gap between the blade edge and the upper part. Qualified products need to be uniform; ensure that the blade edge has no obvious arc deformation. If necessary, Baili inspectors need to use their fingers to scrape Rub the edge and feel the sharpness change;
  2. Then, check the smoothness of installation of the double edge safety razor. Check the smoothness of the btterfly opening safety razor with twist to open. Check whether there is no sticking phenomenon when unscrewing, whether the blade does not shake or make abnormal noise when the upper part is clamped. In addition, confirm that the knob cannot loosen and the blade is fixed when tightening. Nothing loose.

After these steps, the general function of the product has been passed.

Step 4, Reliable and professional testing of the razor

  • Salt spray test:

Neutral salt spray test, the salt spray test is a commonly used method for evaluating the corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. Many industries have specific standards and regulations regarding corrosion resistance. Conducting salt spray tests ensures that manual shavers meet these standards and can be marketed as high-quality, durable products.

Baili Razor can generally pass the 8-24 hour salt spray test. Generally, different levels of materials correspond to different grades.

  • Drop test:

The drop test is a crucial evaluation method used to assess the durability and impact resistance of products like manual razors. The drop test evaluates how well a manual razor can withstand impact or shock when dropped from various heights onto different surfaces. It helps ensure that the razors can endure accidental drops without sustaining damage.

Baili Razor can generally pass the 0.8m-1.2m drop test. Generally, different levels of materials correspond to different grades. There should be no breakage or severe deformation that would cause the product to fail when do the drop test.

  • Tensile force test:

Tensile force testing machine, under 5KG tensile force, the razor head and handle must not be separated, that it passes the product test.

Step 5, Check the packaging method of the razor

It mainly inspects and confirms the contents and materials of razor labels, paper cards, cartons, and box marks. For customized buyers, their labels will be inspected multiple times to ensure that there are no errors in the labels.

Check the quantity of products to see if there are a few, missing or wrong accessories, or if the products are installed backwards.

When you buy a razor, Baili’s razors supplier is inspected at all levels to ensure that they pass the quality standard before being packaged and sold. By carefully inspecting new razor and performing thorough quality control inspections, Baili can ensure the safety of your shavers and the best shaving experience for our customers. If you as a user encounter any defects or issues with the product, please contact the manufacturer immediately or return the product for replacement. A well-maintained shaver is not only about performance, but also about your personal safety and hygiene.

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