For a perfect shaving experience,what can Baili offer to you?

For a perfect shaving experience,what can Baili offer to you?

Swelling, bleeding and unclean shaving. Many people will face such problems when using the shaver, which makes people unable to have a good shaving experience. in a busy life for work, it is very important to have enjoy shaving. For a perfect shaving experience,let’s see what can baili offer to you?


high-quality blade Improve shaving experience

In the selection of blades, attention should be paid to the quality, quantity density and angle of blades. In terms of quality, the blade should have toughness and as little resistance as possible to ensure smooth shaving and durability; The quantity and density should be needed a balance.The quantity of blade determines the number of re shaving and will also pull the skin. Increasing the density can reduce the friction, but excessive density will lead to blockage between the blades.Baili manual razor has excellent design on the angle of razor blade, which perfectly fits people’s face and ensures comfortable veneer.

razor blade

Multifunctional razor cartridge enhance shaving experience

High quality lubrication strip contains drugs to soften beard cutin and lubricate skin, which can provide better protection for beard and skin. The double-layer aloe sliding strip of Baili’s razor head provides skin friendly lubrication to provide timely lubrication and relief. The sliding strip contains aloe skin care ingredients and secretes lubricating fluid in case of water to make shaving smoother.

The multi-functional  razor cartridge is equipped with precise beard guide design,which greatly improves the shaving effect. The beard guide design is added at the front end of the knife edge, which can dredge the beard in advance, so that it is easier for the beard to shave orderly.Reduce pulling, and make the shaving process smoother



Grasp the details

The detailed of design also reflects Baili’s determination to provide customers with the best shaving experience. For example, the open razor head designed for cleaning convenience and hygiene. And the anti-skid plastic and metal grooves designed to prevent hand slip.This is the detail that a good manual razor needs to do.

High-quality shaving care products

Shaving care products can protect the face, inhibit of bacteria and lubricate skin.High-quality shaving care products are no less important than razors. Baili’s shaving care products are production with natural plant materials as raw materials. it is harmless to human skin and has a good protective effect on skin during shaving.

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