5 blade razor introduction and use guide

For Asians with fine beards and short beard roots, the 5 blade razor is a good choice for shaving. It fits the skin well and shaves off excess hair without damaging the skin. How to choose a 5 layer razor that is gentle on the face, I believe Baili “Rejoy” 5 blade razor will bring you a good experience.

Why does the 5 blade razor give people such a great shaving experience, how the razor uses its unique design to shave cleanly for customers during the shaving process, let’s get to know him together working principle.


Floating cutter head with flexible induction blade design

The unique floating cutter head design allows the cutter head to float with the change of facial pressure, changing the shaving angle of the cutter head and the face, so that the shaver always fits the face for shaving. The 5 blade elastic induction blade system is independently arranged, which can sense the subtle fluctuations of the facial skin, reduce the feeling of pulling, and make the shave more smooth and thorough.

Progressive blade arrangement

The blade adopts the principle of fluid mechanics and adopts the progressive arrangement method. It can distribute the shaving pressure to the 5 blades in a timely manner, greatly reducing the resistance of shaving and improving the comfort of shaving;

Ergonomically designed handle

Environmentally-friendly zinc alloy with ABS+TPE material is environmentally friendly and harmless to the natural environment. Referring to the ergonomic handle, the all-around and multi-angle flexible tactile non-slip texture is under control, bringing customers a comfortable grip experience.


This is the difference between 5 blade razor and double edge safety razor. Customers can choose the razor that suits them according to their beard type.

a beared man using baili "Rejoy" 5 blade razor

a beared man using baili “Rejoy” 5 blade razor

When you use the 5 blade razor, what do you need to notice? 

Step  1:Clean the beard, remember to wash the razor and hands before shaving, especially wash the part of the beard;

Step  2:Soften the beard with warm water, pat some warm water on the beard, because this will not only open up the pores  , but also soften the beard, then apply to shave lotion on the beard to reduce the irritation of the blade skin, then wait for 2 ~3 minutes later before starting to shave;
Step 3:Shaving from top to bottom, and the shaving direction should follow the growth direction of the beard from top to bottom. The steps usually start from the upper cheeks on the left and right sides. The general principle is to start from the thinnest part of the beard and the thickest part at the end;
Step 4: Rinse with warm water. After shaving, remember to wash it with warm water. Gently pat dry the shaving area. Be careful not to rub it hard. You can use some milder skin care products to make your skin repaired and smoother ;



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