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How to shave down there, and do I use a razor?

When did you start to pay attention to hair removal? Maybe the hair in your private parts is too thick and makes you uncomfortable, or it affects your bikini? Or do you want to enjoy an intimate relationship? Whatever the reason, loving yourself is the best start. Dear, start here, Baili will teach you how to remove hair for their area.

If you’ve got a really full growth of pubic hair, trim with scissors first where you have the most hair. Then follow that with the trim attachments to get it as close as possible. This makes shaving easier and reduces the risk of clogging the razor.

Then exfoliate your private area at the beginning of a shower. You can  use a loofah pad or mesh shower puff. Scrub lightly in a circular motion. Don’t rub too hard or you’ll cause irritation. You’re trying to remove dead, flaky skin, not multiple layers. This helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Take a warm shower or bath to soften the hair and open up the pores. Another was to first cover the area with a hot wet towel, just as hot as possible without being uncomfortable for the area. This reduces irritation and makes shaving smoother.

Use a razor made for sensitive skin. These cut pretty close but not so close that you can get razor burn/rash.

Recommended for you to use the Baili Hair Removal Exfoliating Razor for Sensitive Skin Women’s.

Because this razor is very good in terms of lubrication and shaving experience. Its advantages are as follows:

Three Razor Blade: 3 blade rotating blade head for a close and comfortable shave. Both hair removal and exfoliation work well;

360-degree Moisture Lubricating Strip: The women’s razor has a 360-degree aloe vera and vitamin E moisture cushion. This unique lubricating technology allows the blades to glide easily, removal hair without nicking the skin. Friendly to the all kinds of sensitive skin;

Pivoting Razor Head: Shaving intimate areas, it’s far better to use a female razor with a flexible razor head that pivots easily.  The ability to move in different directions means that the razor blades can glide over and into hard-to-reach places including around the labia, booty and other private parts.

Then how to removal hair?

Pull your skin taught and shave in the direction of hair growth. This is important! Going against the grain can pull the hair up and cut it below the surface causing ingrown hair. Use smooth strokes that are firm, but not so much it dents your flesh. Very slow, small strokes and up close visual inspection is necessary to avoid painful nicks.

It will be necessary to place the tip of your finger or thumb over their private parts when you shave in that area. Believe me you do not want to nick her there.

When you think you are done, rinse her off and look for places you have missed. There will be some. Apply some gel, wait a minute, and shave these places.

Be sure to rinse the razor often during use and when you are done, and don’t use blade so long it gets dull and increases the chance of irritation. Try to memorize what a new blade feels like gliding the skin, and replace it when it doesn’t feel right.

When you are sure all the hair is gone, use a towel to remove any remaining gel and have her get in the shower to rinse off any remaining gel and loose hair.

The last step is to keep your skin moisturized. Aloe vera gel is also a good option.

Shaving the area can be done safely and effectively with proper preparation and technique. Hope you won’t worry about your hair and do hair removal correctly.

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